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Potters Lane Unit 15 WS100AT Wednesbury Birmingham

We are currently running courses and issuing licenses for the following machines:

A narrow aisle forklift that runs in very narrow aisles in a warehouse

The main task of this forklift truck is to stack goods and sometimes also to pick orders.
How is it different from other machines?
It has a unique control method (they are guided through guidance rails or navigation). The operator can stop at ground level or at the level of the task being performed.


Basic forklift

This type of forklift truck is one of the most popular in Great Britain. The load on the forks at the front of the truck is balanced by its weight (hence the name). Can be powered in many ways (electricity, LPG or diesel)


Forklift with forks on the side

The vehicle is designed to work in tight storage spaces. More useful for stacking pallets to high levels as for transporting pallets

Reach Truck

Pedestrian Powered Truck

This tool works at ground level, combined with the lifting forks, it has the ability to stack pallets. This significantly reduces the amount of manual handling of heavy and bulky items


An articulated forklift, the forks of which turn independently

The forklift is designed for maximum efficiency and combines the advantages of a reach truck and a Counterbalance forklift.
Some Bendi forklifts are able to transport and store

pallets in very tight spaces.
Due to their special design, they can be turned 90° in both directions.

They may also be called Flexi or Bendi Truck.

Bendi / Flexi



Unit 15 Potters Lane WS100AT Wednesbury Birmingham

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